Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake – Live Report

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake – Live Report

Welcome to our Major League Soccer Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake Minute by Minute report. The Vancouver Whitecaps are currently fourth in the standings and with just nine games left in the season want to make a major push towards reaching the playoffs. Today they host Real Salt Lake city who are currently eighth and have played three more games than the Whitecaps.

Vancouver v Real Salt Lake – Full-time 3-2

Vancouver collect the three points and now sit in third place in the Western Conference. A fantastic result for the Whitecaps as they continue their push for the MLS Playoffs. Kendall Waston is voted player of the match.

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake 3-2. The result means the Whitecaps are now third in the West. (Tim Bogdachev / Futbolgrad Network)

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake 3-2. The result means the Whitecaps are now third in the West. (Tim Bogdachev / Futbolgrad Network)

93. Minute

One last chance by Real Salt Lake! The shot misses the target though and the Whitecaps win the match 3-2.

91. Minute

Another cross by RSL, who are now pressing for the equaliser. Vancouver have been solid in the last few moments, however.

90. Minute

We got three extra minutes here at BC Place.

88. Minute

Better now from the Whitecaps, who keep the ball in the Royals’ half.

86. Minute

Chance by Alphonso Davies. The teenager receives a great ball from Montero, but finds his shot blocked by a defender.

85. Minute

Carl Robinson has now swapt the entire front three. A gutsy move given that the scoreline is just 3-2 at this point. Defense re-enforcement might be more suitable at this point.

83. Minute

Yordy Reyna is off and replaced by Nicolás Mezquida.

80. Minute

GOOOOL for the Royals! Tony Beltran receives a great ball from Savarino inside the box and then does well to beat Ousted with a low drive. 3-2.

78. Minute

Chance for RSL. Brooks Lennon receives the ball just outside box and Ousted has to do well to stop his low shot on goal.

76. Minute

Within minutes Davies creates a chance for the Whitecaps. Winning the ball on the right side of the pitch Davies breaks into the box where his shot is blocked by a Royals defender.

74. Minute

Wunderkind Alphonso Davies is on. The kid replaces Ibini-Isei.

70. Minute

Joao Plata with a finish from outside the box. His curled effort is no problem for Ousted, who handles the ball easily.

68. Minute

Brek Shea is on for Cristian Techera. The Uruguayan magician may have been the player of the game tonight.

66. Minute

Yura Movsisyan is off for Luis Silva. A night to forget for the RSL striker, who was mostly ineffective tonight.

63. Minute

WHAT A GOAL BY REYNA!!!! Nerwinski wins the ball off Joao Plata and then lays it off to Ibini-Isei, crosses the ball across the goal mouth to find Reyna, who in turn scores with a flying header.

60. Minute

Open exchange here between the Whitecaps and the Royals. RSL is now pressing higher creating more chances and the Whitecaps use the space well to counter. An entertaining game here in the second half.

57. Minute

Next chance for Real Salt Lake. This time it is David Horst, who has a fantastic opportunity, meeting a high corner by Joao Plata with his head. Ousted has to do well to stop the ball.

54. Minute

Big opportunity for the Royals to equalize. Justen Glad meets a cross from the left flank, his header is stopped by Ousted though, who also does well to control the rebound.

51. Minute

GOOOOOOOOL by Kendall Waston! Fredy Montero is brought down ten yards outside the box. Yordy Reyna brings the free kick into the box where Tim Parker’s header hits the post. Waston, however, conferts the rebound to make it 2-1.

49. Minute

Real Salt Lake the more active of the two teams early on. Vancouver still seems to be under shock from the equalizer.

46. Minute

We are back at BC Place. Real Salt Lake start the game on the forefront with two successive corners after a missed Savarino chance.

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake – Halftime

1-1 at halftime. A bit of an odd game here at BC Place. The Whitecaps were dominant here and scored a wonderful goal to open the scoring. One mistake from Vancouver’s backline undid all the good work as Wingert was gifted a goal by Ousted.

45. Minute

ALmost halftime here at BC Place. Vancouver cycle the ball without achieving any major breakthrough.

42. Minute

Vancouver with a spell of dominance here in Real Salt Lake’s half. But the Whitecaps cannot get through the Royals’ defence.

39. Minute

Really unfortunate for the Whitecaps. They were in complete control here and one mistake is turning this game upside down.

36. Minute

GOOOOALL. Ousted with a real howler here. Chris Wingert crosses the ball into the box where Yura Movsisyan appears to touch the ball. Ousted with a fantastic stop, but the ball ricochets off the ground into the goal. MLS gives the goal to Wingert, but really it should be an own goal.

35. Minute

Big compliment to the Vancouver Whitecaps. They have controlled the first half pressing Real Salt Lake never giving the Royals enough space to create any danger.

31. Minute

Deserved lead here for the Whitecaps, who have been the more active and dangerous team in the first half.

28. Minute

GOOOOOOOOAL!!! Cristian Techera finds the goal after a great cross from Jakob Nerwinski.

26. Minute

Albert Rusnák tries his luck from 25-yards out. His shot just about misses the goal.

25. Minute

Bernie Ibini-Isei wins the ball on the right flank and moves forward a great play is, however, finished with a terrible cross.

22. Minute

First real chance for Real Salt Lake. Jefferson Savarino breaks through into the right side of the box and manages to get a shot off that just about misses the goal.

19. Minute

Ghazal tanks his way through on the left side of the pitch and it takes two defenders to finally stop his run down the pitch.

17. Minute

First shot on goal by Real Salt Lake. Tony Beltram wins the ball on the right flank and then moves to the centre. His shot from 20-yards is easily handled by David Ousted, however.

14. Minute

Jakob Nerwinski plays the ball forward where it finds Cristian Techera. His shot beats Nick Rimando and then just misses the goal.

12. Minute

Vancouver keep pressing and remain the more dangerous of the two teams. Techera briefly loses the ball wins it back and creates the next chance for the Whitecaps. The score remains 0-0.

8. Minute

Vancouver with some good Gegenpressing here making it difficult for Real Salt Lake to keep control of the ball.

6. Minute

Another big chance for Vancouver. A corner is brought in from the right side and several Vancouver players miss the ball in the box.

5. Minute

Ghazal almost with a perfect start here. The Egyptian receives a perfect pass from Cristian Techera. His shot from inside the box, however, is blocked.

3. Minute

Aly Ghazal with his first game here. The lanky midfielder was signed as a free agent and it will be interesting to see how he will deal with this game after having his contract in China rescinded.

1. Minute

Whitecaps kick off. Looks like we are getting the 4-2-3-1 formations advertised by both teams ahead of the game.

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake – Kick 0ff

National anthems are done. The teams are ready to go. Vancouver’s playoff push begins now.

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake – Buildup


The teams are here.

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake - The teams are ready to go. (Tim Bogdachev / Futbolgrad Network)

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake – The teams are ready to go. (Tim Bogdachev / Futbolgrad Network)


The Whitecaps song is on. Five minutes until we are officially underway here at BC Place.


20 minutes to go until kick-off. Some thoughts about tonight’s line-up. David Ousted is back in Vancouver’s goal after having to make room for Stefan Marinović in the game against Orlando City. It looks like for now Carl Robinson is rotating the goalkeeper position. Mike Petke in the meantime has brought back Yura Movsisyan for the game against the Whitecaps. The Armenian is the joint top scorer, together with Joao Plata, for Real Salt Lake, but only came off the bench in Real Salt Lake’s last home game against the Colorado Rapids.


We got the lineups for the game.


Pre-match analysis from Manuel Veth and Tim Bogdachev.


The stadium crew is getting BC Place ready for the big event.

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake is just over an hour again. The BC Place crew is getting the facility ready. (Manuel Veth / Futbolgrad Network)

Vancouver Whitecaps v Real Salt Lake is just over an hour again. The BC Place crew is getting the facility ready. (Manuel Veth / Futbolgrad Network)


We are at BC Place. First people in the press box to keep you up to date with any development ahead of tonight’s Major League Soccer game.


Good morning from the Canada’s West Coast. Vancouver will host Real Salt Lake City later today. Make sure to read our preview to the match right HERE!