FutebolCidade aims to inform its readership about past and current events encompassing the Americas through the conduit of the beautiful game. From Argentina to Canada, and from the Andes to the Amazon, FutebolCidade intends to serve up a blend of informative articles, which will not only keep the avid football anorak up-to-date with contemporary issues taking place in the Americas, but will also touch upon other, often more pressing, matters concerning the region itself.



Football plays an important role in many people’s lives; whether it is used as a source of identity, an expression of belief, a manifestation of frustration, or as a source of escapism, amongst other things. Thus, for a region that has experienced acute forms of transitions, revolutions, economic hardships, to mention just a few, football has remained a rare constant. We at FutebolCidade sincerely hope to transcend the barrier which perceives football as mutually exclusive from politics and history. On the contrary, we firmly believe that they are often very much intertwined, and whilst unravelling these threads may be beyond our abilities, we will endeavour to highlight our modest observations, and hope this can be a revealing and novel framework for understanding the Americas.