Cameroon v Chile – Confederations Cup Liveblog

Cameroon v Chile – Confederations Cup Liveblog

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We continue our coverage of the FIFA Confederations Cup from Moscow where Cameroon face Chile in the first game of Group B. Cameroon v Chile should be a fascinating match and we will bring you all the latest on our liveblog.

Cameroon v Chile – 0-2

The game is over and Chile are deserved winners after scoring twice in the second half. But La Roja clearly struggled in the second 45 minutes, which may have been due to the VAR decision against the squad just before halftime. In the end Pizzi’s substitutions, first and foremost Sanchez, made all the difference.


Again goal, but no goal by Chile. Alexis Sanchez breaks away and then fails to get the ball past Ondoa. Vargas collects the ball and slots the ball home. The play is initially waved off and then the referee reviews the play. The goal is then given by the VAR referees.

89. Minute

We get four extra minutes of football here.

87. Minute

Good chance by Chile to make it 2-0. But Alexis Sanchez misses with a header after a cornerkick.

86. Minute

Cameroon are now forced to play more possession football. Chile in the meantime look comfortable to absorb the pressure and hit the Lions on the counterattack.

83. Minute

The bottomline is that Chile deserve this goal even if the second half has been anything but convincing.


Arturo Vidal scores for Chile and this time it counts! The Bayern München midfielder receives a wonderful cross from Alexis Sanchez inside the box and heads the ball home.

78. Minute

Still no goals. Also the Confederations Cup fails to attract the fans. The Spartak Stadium is far from being sold out tonight.

74. Minute

Can someone break the deadlock? Chile started with a lot of promise into this match, but La Roja has lost the plot somewhat in the second half. The VAR decision before halftime seems to have creeped into the heads of La Roja.

71. Minute

Finally a chance for Chile in the second half. A cross comes in from the left side, but several players miss the golden opportunity to make it 1-0.

69. Minute

Chile with their third change already. Francisco Silva is coming on for Charles Aranguiz.

66. Minute

Moukandjo attempts to curl the ball on net. But he misses the target by a whisker.

65. Minute

Vincent Aboubakar receives the ball in Chile’s half and is then clipped by Gonzalo Jara. Good freekick position for Cameroon.

63. Minute

Cameroon are pressing further up the field now. Ondoa comes out far of his goal to intercept a Chile play. This is a much better half than the first half by the Lions.

61. Minute

Cameroon now look the more likely side to make something happen here. The Lions have more vigor in midfield as well as more possession.

58. Minute

Alexis Sanchez comes on for Puch. Chile need something to reinvigorate their attack.

Alexis Sanchez comes on for Such. Image by Manuel Veth.

Alexis Sanchez comes on for Such. Image by Manuel Veth.

55. Minute

Chile goalkeeper Herrera struggles with a cross by Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa. The keeper may be Chile’s weakest link tonight.

53. Minute

Alexis Sanchez is warming up and right away Chile fants are chanting Alexis, Alexis, Alexis. Perhaps the Arsenal star can find a way through Cameroon’s defence.

51. Minute

Word is coming through that FIFA may have gotten the offside call right after all. At the same time there is a lot of debate about the topic in the press box. One thing is for certain VAR is not going to stop people debating decisions.

48. Minute

Chile with lots of tempo out of the dressing room. La Roja are clearly angry about the referees decision and are pressing for the opening goal.

47. Minute

Cameroon with the first chance of the second half Amoud Djoum brings the ball into the box where Moukandjo just misses the ball.

46. Minute

Controversy or not we are back on.

Cameroon v Chile – Halftime

No goals although it appears that despite the fact that the referees now have television review they still manage to make mistakes. Vargas was clearly onside and his goal should have stood. This will clearly go down as the moment where video refereeing will become under question. The problem remains the human level.

45. Minute

Eduardo Vargas does what he does best for Chile, which is scoring goals. At least that is what everyone thought, but the goal is whistled back after a video review. We are having a lot of those today. Meanwhile, Arturo Vidal is extremely angry with the decision to review the goal. So much to the fact that that video review would end debates on the pitch.

Vidal is clearly angry with the referees decision. Image by Manuel Veth

Vidal is clearly angry with the referees decision. Image by Manuel Veth

42. Minute

Noticeable most of Chile’s attacking moves are being instigated by Isla on the right side of the pitch. Puch, who is playing on the reverse side, however, receives very little support from Jean Beausejour. Perhaps something that needs to be addressed by Chile’s head coach Pizzi at halftime.

40. Minute

Edson Puch with another attempt from distance for Chile. But the Necaxa striker cannot find the target.

38. Minute

The game has settled down a bit. Chile try to break down Cameroon using long balls to cross the midfield. Meanwhile the fans on the stands are chanting Rossiya, Rossiya, Rossiya. Perhaps a bit of arrogance after yesterday’s less than convincing 2-0 victory?

Chile can't find a way through against Cameroon. Image by Manuel Veth

Chile can’t find a way through against Cameroon. Image by Manuel Veth

34. Minute

Cameroon with an attempt on goal. Benjamin Moukandjo wins the ball in Chile’s half storms forward and shoots the ball from 25-yards out. The ball, however, misses the goal.

32. Minute

Four Chileans are free in the box! Unfortunately they are also offside and the play is whistled back. We are now a third threw the game and Cameroon can count themselves lucky that it is still 0-0.

31. Minute

Chile have 67% possession at the moment.

29. Minute

Chile keep on coming. This is one way football here and Cameroon have to give everything to keep the South American’s off the scoresheet. At this point it feels just like a matter of time till Chile score.

26. Minute

Ondoa with another spectacular stop! Jose Fuenzalida breaks into the box and manages to bring the ball towards the goal where Ondoa has to stretch to get the ball around the post. How in the world has Chile not scored yet?

24. Minute

Great attempt by Necaxa forward Edson Puch. The Chilean striker wins the ball deep in Cameroon’s half and drives the ball towards the net. Cameroon keeper Ondoa once again has to do well to stop the shot.

22. Minute

The fact, that both teams are playing with 4-3-3 means that there is plenty of space in midfield for the transition game. In some ways it almost appears that either side has given up the midfield althogether.

21. Minute

Short breather only though. Chile once again break forward only to see their cross intercepted by Cameroon’s keeper Ondoa, who quickly moves the ball forward. Cameroon win a corner on their break. This is a fantastic game to watch.

19. Minute

Both teams are taking a bit of a breather at the moment.

16. Minute

Goal by Cameroon, but the referee is whistling the play down. Vidal was fouled in the box. Chile goalkeeper Herrera in the meantime looked poor when it came to handle the high cross in the box.

15. Minute

Arturo Vidal with his first foul of the game. How long will it take for the Chilean fireplug to receive is almost traditional yellow card?

12. Minute

Chile are back in possession now and almost get the goal after Mauricio Isla swings in a low cross. At this point it seems only a question of time until the first goal is scored.

11. Minute

Almost the goal for Cameroon! Chile were well in possession here, but lose control of the ball in their own half. The Lions storm forward and get a shot off, which is mishandled by Johnny Herrera. Finally, Arturo Vidal can clear the ball over the bar.

8. Minute

Cameroon barely get any room to breath here. But finally, the Lions manage to break free from their own half.

5. Minute

Clearly visible Chile are dominating possession and are able to establish themselves in Cameroon’s half. Right now Chile keep up the pressure and they had several chances to score already.

Chile have chance after chance here against Cameroon. Image by Manuel Veth

3. Minute

Great start here by Chile, who easily are able to switch the ball from one flank to another. Vargas once again has an attempt on goal and Ondoa once again needs to be on guard.

1. Minute

Chile kickoff and right away try to establish their possession game. Within 59 seconds Eduardo Vargas almost gets the go-ahead goal. But the Tigres forward is stopped by Ajax keeper Fabrice Ondoa.

Cameroon v Chile – Kickoff

We are about to get started here. Both sides are playing with a 4-3-3 formation. Hopefully, this will mean plenty of attacking football and goals.

Cameroon v Chile – Buildup


The teams are on the field for the national anthems. Five minutes until kickoff!

Cameroon v Chile The teams have lined up for the national anthems.

The teams have lined up for the national anthems. Image by Manuel Veth


One can almost feel the anticipation. Everything is ready for the main event!


Ten minutes to kickoff just enough time to read our preview of the match. You can find it right HERE 👇


We are just 15 minutes away from kickoff. The stadium is slowly filling up, but it seems like that like the earlier two matches this game is not going to sell out either.

Warmup is done. The excitement is growing. Image by Manuel Veth

Warmup is done. The excitement is growing. Image by Manuel Veth


Cameroon v Chile the warm up has begun in earnest. Chile are right in front of us and are getting ready for what will be a must-win match for them.

Cameroon v Chile the warmup has begun. Image by Manuel Veth


Cameroon v Chile will be a fascinating match between the African Champions and the Copa América champions. Here is our video assessment:


Chile have just arrived for their warm up and they are greeted with a round of applause by the large Chilean contingent in the stadium. There are, however, some notable absentees in the squad as both Claudio Bravo and Alexis Sanchez are missing this match with injuries. It will be interesting to see how Chile head coach Juan Antonio Pizzi will line up his squad without Sanchez, who is fundamental for Chile’s play. Sanchez will be replaced by Edson Puch up front—the Necaxa man should be familiar to all those who follow our Golazo Podcast.


The lineups are here: